Student Lecture Schedule

A list of student lectures is online HERE. Three parallel sessions are held. Each session is two hours long, with a short break in the middle. Basic-level lectures take up the first half (1-3), and advanced-level lecture the second half (4-6).

Each lecture is given a designator of the form L1.2.3, which would mean Lecture session 1, lecture hall B2, third lecture in the series.

Lecture abstracts will be available online within a few hours.

Lab Tours

Upon registration, you will be asked which labs you wish to see during the lab tours. Descriptions can be found HERE.

Confirmed participants

Distribution of (so far) confirmed participants, shown on a map.


This map will show you how to reach the dorm, and where the nearest parking lots are. Forgive our photoshop (dis)abilities :)

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended

We have decided to extend the abstract submission deadline for student contributions. If you would like to hold a lecture or present a poster at this year's ICPS, you will be able to submit and edit the abstract on your profile page on our website until the end of June. 

The review process will begin on 1 July, at which point you will no longer be able to edit your abstract. You will be notified of the status of your contribution once the review process is finished.

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