Conference news - March


At this time, over 250 students from over 36 countries of the world have been accepted for the ICPS2015! Due to high interest from several countries, not all the registered students could be accepted at this time - these limitations will be lifted on 15 April, which is when the applications from these students will be reviewed. We have not yet received membership confirmations from a few National and Local Committees - if your NC or LC leader has not approved the membership status of its members, please direct them to contact the IAPS Executive Committee as soon as possible. The registration remains open, and we will be going through the applications on a regular basis, so feel free to apply right now if you still haven't.

At the ICPS2015 we will also be welcoming the two recipients of the ICPS Worldwide grant by the IAPS for this year - Moeen Ghafoor Piracha from Pakistan and Shahd Elyas Mohmedahmed Elsayed from Sudan. We would like to extend our congratulations to these exceptional students, and welcome them to the ICPS in Zagreb!

If you have been accepted to the conference, please consider holding a lecture or presenting a poster on your topic of research or field of interest. Participating in the ICPS with a student contribution is a unique experience which allows you to hone your communication and presentation skills in a professional environment, while you are still studying! The deadline for submitting your abstracts is 15 May. This is a hard deadline, any abstracts received after this date will not be accepted. We will only be accepting a limited number of lectures and posters, so make sure to be on time! This year the student lectures will be divided into two main groups: basic and advanced, where the advanced lectures assume that the audience has some knowledge of the topic being discussed, and present more complex ideas than the basic ones. If you are not the type for classic forms of presentation, we invite you to consider holding a TeSlam presentation, held in a much more relaxed environment and with the thought of entertaining the audience and with expected comedic effect. This event first started only last year, and it has already become a favorite.

We are very proud to announce our six invited speakers: Vernesa Smolčić - a highly successful young astrophysicist of the University of Zagreb; Branko Grisogono – a geophysicist of the University of Zagreb, researching topics in mountain and coastal meteorology; Daniel Denegri – a Croatian experimental particle physicist and a member of the CERN CMS design team; Yuriy Pershin - a researcher in computational and theoretical nanophysics of the University of South Carolina; Latham Boyle – a young and successful researcher of the Perimeter Institute, focusing on cosmology and strong gravity; and Philip Phillips – professor of the University of Illinois, focusing on theoretical solid state physics. More details will be available on our website soon.

Don't worry, we didn't think only of the professional – Croatia is a beautiful Mediterranean country, with a lot of insolation and the warm Adriatic sea at its coast, and in addition to the excursions you got to choose from during the registration process, we are organizing a one-day trip to the seaside and the town of Crikvenica. This excursion will be held on the Departure day of the ICPS, 19 August. If you are interested, please log in on our website and mark the appropriate checkbox in your registration form. The payment for the trip will be done during arrival at the conference, and the price will depend on the number of participants, but it shouldn't amount to more than 15€. In the meantime, check out the website of the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Wikitravel page for Zagreb to learn a little bit about where you will be staying during the conference.

If you have any ideas, complaints, questions or requests, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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