How to attend the ICPS 2015

To attend the ICPS 2015 in Zagreb, first you need to make sure you are a member of the IAPS (Croatian students check out this page). Many countries have national and local committees that act as members of the IAPS - if you are a member of one of the organisations that can be found on the list of members, you are automatically eligible, congratulations! If your regional organisation is a member of IAPS, all you have to do is join it. However, if there is no such organisation, you can still participate by registering as an individual member of the IAPS, for a moderate membership fee. You can find the details on how to join and the membership fees on the IAPS website.


Now that you're sure you are a member of the IAPS, you can freely apply for participation. More details will be available at a later date under Applications and on the home page.


If you would like to participate, but would require some financial support, check if you are eligible for the ICPS Worldwide Grant, or write an excellent article for jIAPS - the journal of the IAPS to win a full registration fee on the jIAPS article contest.


Croatian physics students interested in volunteering at the event are invited to contact the organizers with some basic information.


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