Step-by-step guide

1. Registration
Register on our website with all your personal data. If there is an NC or LC active in your area, make sure to register as their member (List of IAPS members). If there isn't, please register as an individual member.
2. Wait for approval
Wait for your NC/LC to confirm your membership. For individual members - give us a few days to process your registration.
3. Pay the conference fee
Pay your conference fee according to the data found in a pro forma invoice found on your profile page.
4. Confirmation
Your attendance will be confirmed when we receive your payment. Please allow some time for your payment to reach us.
5. Contribute to the conference
Submit an abstract for a lecture or a poster to be held at the ICPS on you profile page. The deadline for submissions is 30 June.
6. Prepare
Organize your trip and learn about Zagreb ( If you're interested in participating in a trip to the coast of the Adriatic sea (Crikvenica), be sure to mark the appropriate checkbox on your profile page.
7. Rest...
... before arriving to the ICPS, because you will not want to miss a moment when you are here!
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